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Vacation Alert – July 2019

If you are wanting a Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow or ErgoGMR pillow for yourself, or someone else, over the summer months, please note that we will be closed between June 27 and July 15, 2019. You can place your order during that period, but we won’t be around to ship until July 16th at the earliest.

So place your order by June 26th to be sure you get your order in time!

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Introducing “ErgoGMR Gaming Pillows”

Has your little one grown up?  Has your spouse reverted to being a kid again?  Does your TV log more gaming time than programming time?  Do you gamers complain of back or arm fatigue after a night (or full day) of video gaming?  Are you at a loss to figure out what to buy they for Christmas?  Have we got the idea for you!!!

Introducing the ErgoGMR Gaming Pillow as featured on 00203

This ergonomic gaming pillow is designed for that hard-core gamer in your life (and maybe that’s you!), and features:

  • Optimal ergonomic design to support arms during game play
  • Increase your playing time by eliminating back, neck and arm strain
  • Great support for game controllers, laptops, tablets
  • Works with all gaming systems, controllers, and other technology

Available through Cozy Cuddles Baby Products, or these gaming pillows make an extra special gift for that gamer in your life.

Get one today, while quantities last!!