Nursing Pillow Features

The Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow’s unique ‘C-shaped’, contoured design:

  • supports baby comfortably
  • eliminates back and neck strain
  • makes handling premies and twins much easier
  • provides extra relief after a Cesarean birth
  • great support for babies just learning to sit up too!!

Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillows are:

  • made from fine polyester / cotton material
  • filled with non-allergenic polyester fibrefill
  • available with a removable zippered polyester/cotton100% cotton, or cozy flannelette cover for easy laundering
  • covers come in a wide variety of attractive, designer fabrics or colourful nursery prints
  • the whole pillow is fully washable

Low Prices!

  • Only $59.98 for a pillow and zippered cover in either polyester/cotton100% cotton, or cozy flannelette (click one of the fabric choices in the sidebar to the right to see the wide variety of fabric choices!)
  • Additional covers available for $19.99 each
  • Pick up your order for free or, for a additional charge, have it delivered by either Canada/US Post or courier
  • All prices subject to shipping charges and government taxes where applicable.

Why not use our handy online store to order your Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow or call us at  (416)937-5246 if you prefer, with your questions or to order.