Washing Instructions

By carefully washing your Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillows you can ensure years of enjoyment for you and your baby.

Like any pillow, the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow will not restore to 100% of it’s original condition.  Some “flattening” will occur.  However, by following the washing instructions below you can ensure that your pillow and cover remain in the best possible shape.

Washing your Cover:

  • Bright or Dark Fabrics:
    • machine wash in cold water
    • tumble dry on warm
  • Pastel Fabrics:
    • machine wash in warm water
    • tumble dry on warm

Washing your Pillow:

  • Check seams for any separation – repair if necessary before attempting to wash, otherwise separation will spread and fibrefill will come out of pillow
  • Machine wash in full size washer with warm water with gentle agitation and using a small amount of regular detergent (do not use a lot of detergent, or soap such as Ivory Snow
  • Tumble dry on warm