Listen to what these satisfied customers have said about the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow…

“This is my 3rd time buying! Nothing beats these pillows!! Just want to say that my daughter is now 2 but my husband and I fight over this pillow . There’s nothing more comfortable!!! I can’t get rid of it and can’t sit comfortably without it! It’s the best!! :)”

“I received my pillow yesterday – thank you! This is definitely the best nursing pillow I’ve tried. I used it at my midwives’ clinic and ordered one immediately. I’m recommending it to all my breastfeeding and expecting mom friends. Thank you for making breastfeeding so much easier for me!”

“Dear Cozy Cuddles, I just have to write and tell you how much I love your nursing pillow! I’ve used it with all three of my children (my oldest is 4 and my youngest is now 8 months) and only now did I need to replace the cover. You have created an extraordinary product. The size is perfect for cradling a newborn to a toddler to every size in between, the fit around me is perfect (I’m a size 16 and most of the other nursing pillows I’ve seen are tiny), it is exactly the right size for comfortable nursing and even after 4 years of nearly constant use, the pillow is still supportive! Wow! A friend gave me this product and it has become one of my all-time favourite recommendations for any nursing mom. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product!”

“Had a new baby almost two weeks ago.  Finally got a new pillow. 😉 (blue)  I’ll still use and keep the pink, which helped nurse seven babies 😘  It’s the best nursing pillow I’ve ever used.  And over the years, I’ve tried many, I always come back to my Cozy Cuddles.  I’m just so glad I was able to get a new one.  So thick and cuddly!”

“I just wanted to say how lovely my new blue/polka dot cover is! This is the third cover I’ve needed over 18 years that I’ve had the nursing pillow. It was originally purchased by my grandmother for my newborn son at the time. Now that my son is starting university this fall, we renovated his room and he wanted to keep the pillow in his room – it’s great to prop behind while reading in bed. I knew we had to order a more suitable & new cover for it to match the upgraded room theme!”

“When my son was born 10 years ago, I had such a hard time finding a comfortable nursing pillow! I bought pillows at Toys ‘R Us, Walmart and Sears and took them all back – they were too hard, or the baby would fall off, or they were too flat. Then I took a breastfeeding class at St. Joseph’s hospital, and they told me about the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow. I loved using it with my son, and used it for my daughter 2 years later. Even now, it’s still in great shape! I’m buying one for my cousin now. Thank you so much for this wonderful pillow!”

“Thanks so much for your help. A gorgeous jungle animal print pillow is on its way to my sister for my new nephew ‘R’.

“My sister J. has two daughters and I have two sons. My sisters girls are 4 & 2 and my boys are 5 & 3.5 yrs old. Each one of them has their very own cozy cuddles nursing pillow. The pillows are amazing. We LOVE them. Now that the kids are older they still use their pillows. Each one loves to have it in their bed to read books on. Each kid loves to snuggle on their pillow in the rocking chair before getting tucked in bed. Each kid also reaches for their pillow when they aren’t feeling well as a source of comfort. My sister and I are so thankful that we found your company and the amazing pillows. My new nephew ‘R’ will get to use his while he is an infant but I am sure he will follow the trend and love it for many years to come.

Thanks for making such a great product. We really are lucky to have had them to feed our babies and to comfort our now toddlers.”

I’m buying this pillow for my niece that is due soon. I personally own one of your pillows, and absolutely LOVE it! I had a different pillow for my first son, but when I discovered your pillows at the birth of my second son I simply needed to get one!  He is now 10 months old and still breastfed. We are both enjoying a very comfortable pillow and still love it.

This pillow has been “working” many hours!! ;-) and still is like new!
A big thank you for making a product that works! We love it and simply wanted to let you know ;-)

Long life to Cozy Cuddles Baby Products!

I love love your nursing pillow. Not only was it so comfortable for me & my baby but my husband sure liked to use it also! LOL! As a new mom it sure helped to make nursing easy. Thank you!

I wanted to let you know how much I am in love with my pillow!  It has become an integral part of my nursing routine. Thank you for making a quality product. 

“Thank you for making such a wonderful pillow :)  It is by far the best one out there for nursing moms and their babies.  The size and firmness mike it perfect for supporting newborns and bigger toddlers (my son is now 18 months).  It is so comfortable Matthew would fall asleep and nap for 2 hours with the pillow on my lap while I read a book.  I recommend it to any mom who will listen and I am buying this one for my niece who will be here next month.”

“I’m actually a proud, and extremely satisfied, Cozy Cuddles owner. I received one as a gift when I had my son a few years back and we are still using to pillow to this day. It’s by far one of the best and most useful gifts I received when I became a new mom. I had one of those “smaller” nursing pillows and when a friend gave me the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow a week after coming home from the hospital I was over the moon – it really transformed my whole nursing experience – truly.  Many of my friends are starting to have kids and the one I’ve ordered will be a gift. It definitely won’t be the last time you hear from me – the pillow is a must give gift.”

“I bought my first Cozy Cuddles pillow when I had my first daughter back in 1998. I used it for her as well as for my second daughter who was born in 2001. My pillow has survived both of my girls and they are turning 7 and 10 this year. I still use it to this day as I have it on my bed. My girls even fight over who gets to use it and I’ll admit I use it everyday as well. Its comfortable to for everyone in the family this is why after 10 years I’m buying my second one even though I don’t have a baby in the house, I can’t live without it. Thank you for a wonderful product.”

“Thank-you so much for your prompt service! I was actually lent a Cozy Cuddles pillow and had been using it 6-8 times a day for the past 6 months. However, my friend decided to have her second baby so I had to return the pillow! I figured I could manage with my other nursing pillow (a “JJ” one) but after one day, I’d had it!! So I found your website, ordered my pillow & I’m so happy I did!! Even though my son is 6 months old, I still find your pillow to be the most comfortable for myself and my son! As a physiotherapist, I understand the importance of proper posture & alignment, now as a new mom I really understand & appreciate its importance & how a pillow can make a huge difference! Thank you!!”

“Thank you for making such a high quality nursing pillow. I’ve tried other pillows – but yours is the best! My son and I have been enjoying our pillow for over a year now. The pillow we just bought is a gift for a friend. I can’t think of a better way to encourage her to breastfeed! You’ve helped a lot of moms & babies! Keep up the great work!”

“I received one as a gift when my fourth baby was born. I only wish that I’d had one for my first!!”

“I don’t know what I’d do without my Cozy Cuddles Pillow! It’s great! My husband even likes it when bottle feeding our baby.”

“This pillow is the best!! As a lactation consultant I recommend it to all my clients over any other pillow I’ve ever seen!”

“I am thoroughly enjoying the nursing pillow, use it constantly and don’t know how I ever managed to nurse my first set of twins without it!”

“I am enjoying using the nursing pillow purchased as a gift for me so much. In fact, I will be going to a baby shower and would like to purchase one for the friend who is having her baby soon.”

“I hadn’t realized how many hours of the day were spent feeding a baby, and your pillow makes it a lot more comfortable.”

“I received your pillow for free, second hand from a local mom group, 4 years ago when I was pregnant with my second child. My son is now 3.5 years old and he has been sleeping on this pillow ever since he turned one and he is soooo attached to it! He sleeps on it at night, and then he brings it downstairs with him when he comes down. We travel everywhere with it, including camping. 😃”