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Apologies For Our Wonky Website

We need to apologize to those of you who tried to contact us through our website over the last week or so.  Unfortunately, our service provider made a few changes that meant that parts of the website were not available.  It was only when one of you tried to place an order that we found the issue.  We think the issue has been resolved.  Things seem to have been stable for the last couple days anyway, but if you notice any problems, please give us a shout!!

Remember that we’re moving effective June 1st, and it may take a few days for us to get settled.  Our website, email and phone number remains the same (except that we are dropping that old technology called “fax”).  We’ll let you know when we’re fully up and operational, but in the meantime, please feel free to place your order and we’ll be happy to ship it out just as soon as we can. either before the move (less to move!) or after.

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