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Cozy Cuddles Trivia

A conversation the other day got me thinking about some of the “stats” for Cozy Cuddles Baby Products.  So we ran some reports from our sales database and came up with the following bits of ‘useless trivia’…

  • Years in Business = 20 years
  • Pillows Sold = 30,185
  • Blankets Sold = 943
  • Pillow samples donated to clinics etc. = 244
  • Courier Deliveries = 2085

There.  Now you know :)

3 thoughts on “Cozy Cuddles Trivia

  1. Oh, thanks for sharing such information with us. It’s really nice to know that they have also donated some of their pillows to clinics.

  2. How much time does it take to ship a pillow plus cover (blue with white dots is what I wanted but anything simple that is in stock) within Ontario (Mississauga)?

    1. We try to keep all covers in stock, but occasionally it might take day or so to make up the cover you’ve ordered.
      Assuming you live in the GTA area (east of Brampton) we ship by courier, so it usually will arrive the next day or so (depending on exactly when you place your order and assuming we can get it ready in time to meet that day’s courier).
      If you live outside the GTA, then we ship via Canada Post, and it usually takes a 3 days to a week or so (again depending on exactly where you are).

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