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More than a Nursing Pillow!

Of course you know that the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow is great for nursing your baby, but did you know that it can be used for much more than a breasfeeding pillow?

We’ve had clients use them for many things that we originally envisioned, like:

  • giving your baby support while getting “tummy time” on the floor
  • helping your baby learn to sit up.

… but we’ve also had clients use them for things we never imagined!!

  • head support while lying back on the couch watching TV
  • support for elderly parents in nursing homes who need assistance sitting up
  • for use as a bed pillow, especially when you need that extra pillow to prop you up during a bout with the cold or flu
  • as a support for the arms of gamers during long video game sessions (be sure to watch for a line of fabrics we’re intending to bring out just for this purpose! ┬áComing soon!)
  • as a support for books and laptops for students

We’d love to hear of ways you’re using your old or new Cozy Cuddles pillow. ┬áLet us know in the comments below, or pop us an email and we’ll update this list.

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