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New LOWER Shipping Charges!

Shipping pillows is an expensive business.  They’re bulky, and the couriers don’t like that so they charge us a lot. :(  They also charge us more to ship to the US or the western provinces than they do when we ship within the Toronto GTA area.

It was also confusing to you, the consumer, when you went through the website and saw the pillows at one price and then got hit with a huge shipping charge during the checkout process. (We weren’t making any money on shipping; just passing on the actual costs in almost all cases.)  We’ve wanted to avoid those surprises for years.

SO… what we did was integrate most of the shipping charge directly into the product cost and leave only a small portion of the shipping cost during checkout.  The net result created a very minimal increase in the overall price ($1 – $3) and that’s really been our first price increase in many years.

So now, for example, you will see a pillow set that costs $58.98 + $5.00 shipping within Ontario, rather than the old price of $44.98 + $18.00 shipping.  No surprises!  (See here for our new shipping cost structure.)

Remember too, that if you would rather not pay any shipping we still offer local pickup (although we’ve moved to a more rural area east of Newmarket and north of Stouffville so it may not be quite as convenient) AND you can always purchase our products from one of our many resellers.

We think this is a change for the better — for you and us!  We hope you do too. :)

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