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We Love Your Emails!

One of our customers was needed some help placing an order yesterday.  After helping her out, today we received this wonderful email (along with an order for a gift pillow).

“Thanks so much for your help. A gorgeous jungle animal print pillow is on its way to my sister for my new nephew ‘R’.

“My sister J. has two daughters and I have two sons. My sisters girls are 4 & 2 and my boys are 5 & 3.5 yrs old. Each one of them has their very own cozy cuddles nursing pillow. The pillows are amazing. We LOVE them. Now that the kids are older they still use their pillows. Each one loves to have it in their bed to read books on. Each kid loves to snuggle on their pillow in the rocking chair before getting tucked in bed. Each kid also reaches for their pillow when they aren’t feeling well as a source of comfort. My sister and I are so thankful that we found your company and the amazing pillows. My new nephew ‘R’ will get to use his while he is an infant but I am sure he will follow the trend and love it for many years to come.

“Thanks for making such a great product. We really are lucky to have had them to feed our babies and to comfort our now toddlers.”

Emails like this bring huge smiles to our faces!!  Thanks!!!  Your pillow will be on its way tomorrow morning!!

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