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Am I still producing enough milk?

Here’s a question from Dianna in Leamington, ON:

Q: Help! My baby is two weeks old now, and has been nursing well, but I’m noticing a real change in my breasts. Last week, my breasts were so full and hard, and now they’re a lot softer even though he’s nursing every couple of hours. Is my milk decreasing?

A: What you describe, Dianna, is very normal. When your milk began to come in last week (usually day 2-3) it sounds like you experienced engorgement, which is a combination of your milk changing from colostrum to mature milk, and accompanying swelling from increased blood flow to the breasts. After a couple of days of frequent nursing, the swelling reduced and you continued to produce milk at the rate that your baby needs. This more efficient production means that your breasts become softer and more comfortable, and baby gets all the milk he needs. As long as he’s producing regular bowel movements and 6-8 wet diapers per day, all is well!

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