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Another Satisfied, Long-Term Customer

We love getting your emails and feedback!  This one came in yesterday from a mother who’s had her pillow for 18 years now!!  Read this…

I just wanted to say how lovely my new blue/polka dot cover is!

This is the third cover I’ve needed over 18 years that I’ve had the nursing pillow. It was originally purchased by my grandmother for my newborn son at the time.

Now that my son is starting university this fall, we renovated his room and he wanted to keep the pillow in his room – it’s great to prop behind while reading in bed.  I knew we had to order a more suitable & new cover for it to match the upgraded room theme!

An interesting pillow cover idea is to have a waterproof or nylon version to add under the more decorative cover. That way it preserves the pillow better over time. Though I’ve had no issue washing the actual pillow as needed over the years to keep it fresh; I let it air dry.

We’re so pleased that your pillow has lasted.  We hear of folks all the time who are passing on their pillows, or using them for their grown children.  In fact our 21 year old daughter sleeps with hers all the time, and takes it with her when camping!  The covers and pillows will last a LONG time by simply following these washing instructions.

We also like your idea of the waterproof cover.  In fact, we’ve been selling these for years, but mostly to hospitals.  They cost a little more than the regular covers, but the hospitals and breastfeeding clinics use them to they can easily wipe them down between clients.  BUT, there’s no reason you can’t use them at home as well.  They’re available at this link.

Thanks again for your kind words and your feedback!  As Dean Martin used to say… “Keep those cards and letters coming!!!”

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