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Breastfeeding after exercise

Here is a question from Carrie in Richmond Hill, ON:

Q: I wonder if you can help me with a question I have – I’m expecting my first child in August and plan to breastfeed. I like to go to the gym and some friends there told me that I should wait several hours after exercising to breastfeed, as the milk could be harmful to the baby. Is this true?

A: Breastfeeding mothers receive lots of strange (and wrong) advice and this is a good example of that! Absolutely not – there is no reason to delay breastfeeding after exercise. And by the way, good for you that you’re continuing to stay fit in pregnancy! Don’t exercise to the point of pain or discomfort, but a healthy level of fitness will benefit you in childbirth and a quicker recovery afterwards.

Nancy Lahn RN

Developer of the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow

Originally posted 2016-06-24 12:43:41.

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