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Care of the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow

Here’s a question from Kelly in Richmond Hill, ON:

Q: I have a question about cleaning the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow. Unfortunately my older child spilled juice on the pillow – should I have it dry cleaned?

A: Thanks for your question, Kelly – the good news is that your Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow is fully washable! For most little spills and baby spit-ups, the zippered cover can be removed for laundering. For bigger spills that soak through to the pillow, check the seams to make sure they are intact and place in your full-sized washing machine with warm water and a scant amount of liquid detergent. Laundry soap like Ivory Snow is not recommended, as it tends to clump the fibrefill. Then it can be tumbled dry at warm in your full sized dryer. Dry cleaning is not recommended, because of the chemicals used which you do not want next to baby’s face.

You’ll find that most nursing pillows on the market are not washable – the ones that are made of foam are particularly problematic since they cannot be washed and soon become contaminated with milk and anything else that can soil it, including those leaky diapers!!

Nancy Lahn RN

Developer of the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow

Originally posted 2016-02-24 11:48:50.

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