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Is my milk OK?

Here’s a question from Kirsten in Waterloo, ON:

Q: I don’t want to ask a silly question, but I’m worried about the way my breastmilk looks. I’ve been regularly pumping for my 4-month-old son, and when I store the milk in the fridge, it separates into a creamy substance on the top, and the rest looks almost watery. When my neighbour saw my milk in the fridge, she said my milk looks “thin”. Should I be worried?

A: Thanks for your question, Kirsten – NO question is a silly question, and if you’ve had this question, you can be sure that many others have had the same one! The good news is that your breastmilk is perfectly normal. People often expect human milk to look like cow’s milk, but human milk is uniquely designed to meet the needs of human babies and has a very different appearance from cow’s milk. The cream does tend to rise to the top when bottled- just give it a shake after you’ve warmed the bottle in a bowl of warm water before feeding.

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