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Is there a cream for nipple soreness?

Here’s a question from Connie in Toronto, ON:

Q: My baby is four days old. The nurses at the hospital said she has a good latch (we’ve been home for two days now), but my nipples are getting so sore! Is there some kind of cream that will help?

A: You mentioned that the hospital nurses said your baby is latching well – it would be good to confirm this by going back to the breastfeeding clinic at your hospital or Public Health clinic, since a proper latch is critical in avoiding nipple trauma. It is normal to experience some tenderness in the early days of breastfeeding, but pain that does not lessen in the first few seconds after latching can be a sign of other problems, including an improper latch. If the latch is determined to be correct, an excellent nipple ointment is available called APNO – All Purpose Nipple Ointment”. It was developed by Dr. Jack Newman, world-renowned breastfeeding expert whose clinic is right in your hometown of Toronto, Connie! APNO is made up of four ingredients that have been shown to treat a wide variety of nipple problems – you can learn more about it at

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