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Low milk supply?

Here’s a question from Danielle in Lethbridge, Alberta:

Q: My baby is just over two weeks old now, and she’s nursing well. I’m just worried that I’m not producing as much milk as I was at first. A couple of days after she was born, my breasts were very full and firm, and now they’re softer. Does this mean I should pump to get my milk supply back up?

A: If your baby is nursing well and is producing at least six to eight soaking wet diapers daily, your milk supply is fine. The fullness that you experienced the first week is called engorgement, and is normal as the milk is coming in and as more blood flows to your breasts, causing swelling. With frequent nursing and after a couple of days, this engorgement subsides and the breasts soften again. There is no need to pump at this time – breastfeed your baby on demand for the first 4-6 weeks, and after that you can pump to store your milk, or to leave it with a sitter if you are away from your baby for a feeding.

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