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Neck and Shoulder pain?

Here’s a question from Abby in Burlington, ON:

Q: I’m expecting my baby in February, and I’m hoping you can help me. I’ve suffered for several years now with neck and shoulder pain from a sports injury, and my chiropractor said that a nursing pillow could help when I’m nursing the baby. Is your pillow designed to alleviate neck and shoulder pain?

A: Yes, indeed, Abby – not all nursing pillows on the market are helpful in alleviating and preventing neck and shoulder pain, but the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow is designed with this in mind. Our pillow has ideal firmness and thickness to raise the newborn up to breast level, allowing the mother to achieve the proper alignment of neck and spine when breastfeeding. Also, our pillow is large enough to allow a comfortable place for the mother to rest her arms during feeding. This means that neck and shoulder strain are prevented, and it helps to promote comfort for those with a pre-existing condition. Many chiropractors recommend our product for these reasons.

Not all nursing pillows on the market are effective at preventing neck and shoulder pain, however – many are too flat, or quickly flatten out with use. This causes the mother to have lean forward to nurse (which results in discomfort), or she resorts to crossing her legs or using a second pillow to raise the baby up to the proper position. With the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow, the mother can nurse in comfortable correct spinal alignment throughout the feeding, resulting in a happier Mom. Let’s face it – when Moms feel happy and comfortable feeding, they are more likely to nurse long-term, and this results in a win-win situation of healthier Mom and healthier baby!

Nancy Lahn RN

Developer of the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow

Originally posted 2016-01-26 13:32:46.

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