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Am I still producing enough milk?

Here’s a question from Dianna in Leamington, ON:

Q: Help! My baby is two weeks old now, and has been nursing well, but I’m noticing a real change in my breasts. Last week, my breasts were so full and hard, and now they’re a lot softer even though he’s nursing every couple of hours. Is my milk decreasing?

A: What you describe, Dianna, is very normal. When your milk began to come in last week (usually day 2-3) it sounds like you experienced engorgement, which is a combination of your milk changing from colostrum to mature milk, and accompanying swelling from increased blood flow to the breasts. After a couple of days of frequent nursing, the swelling reduced and you continued to produce milk at the rate that your baby needs. This more efficient production means that your breasts become softer and more comfortable, and baby gets all the milk he needs. As long as he’s producing regular bowel movements and 6-8 wet diapers per day, all is well!

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Can the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow be used to breastfeed twins?

Here’s a question emailed to us by Elise G.:

Q: I would like to know if it is possible to breast feed two babies at the same time with your pillow? I’m pregnant with twins and I never breastfed in my life so I don’t know anything about it but I want to try it for would your pillow help me do that?

Football Hold - TwinsA: Thanks for inquiring about the use of the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow for twins!  Yes, absolutely you can nurse both babies at once using our pillow – many, many customers have done just that!

Most mothers use the “football” or “clutch” hold to do this, and in this position you tuck one baby under each arm and the pillow supports them.  You can see this position pictured on the graphic here.

Laid Back NursingYou can also feed them in three other positions – the front cross (both in the cradle hold), one in football hold and one in cradle hold, or the upright latch where the Mom uses the “laid-back” position.  In this graphic, Mom is nursing one baby in the laid-back position but both twins can be nursed at once positioning them this way.

Our pillow has been featured in twin publications and also on a TV show on twins, when 18-month-old twins were featured, still nursing with their Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow!!

Lying on TummyHere Sitting Up Babyyou can see other uses for the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow as well. They can lie on it on their back from newborn to be propped up (to see what’s going on in the room or to play with their “play gym” toys, for supervised “tummy time” once they gain neck strength, and later (around 6 months) for giving them support as they learn to sit up.  Many parents of twins use two Cozy Cuddles pillows for these purposes.

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Constipation problem

Here’s a question from Maria in Scarborough,ON:

Q: My baby boy is 7 months old and eating a variety of solid foods now, and I’m both breastfeeding and formula feeding. He’s been having a lot of trouble lately with constipation – what can I do?

A: It’s fairly common for babies to experience constipation when they are eating lots of solid food, but are not crawling yet. The fact that he is also receiving some formula is also likely adding to the problem, since formula causes more solid stools, whereas breastmilk is very laxative, so ideally, you should exclusively breastfeed. Also, you can try adding some prune juice to his cereal, as this is also very laxative. When he begins crawling, the exercise will help a great deal to alleviate this problem. Suppositories are not recommended for babies unless in very unusual circumstances and ordered and supervised by a physician.

Nancy Lahn RN

Developer of the Cozy Cuddles Nursing Pillow

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Am I Losing My Milk Supply?

Here’s a question from Hillary D. in Hamilton, ON:

Q: My son is now just over 3 months old. He’s been nursing well every 4 hours, but this week he’s been fussy and only settles when I feed him, and that has been every 2 hours instead of every 4. My neighbour said the same thing happened to her, and that it means I’m losing my milk supply! Is this true? Help!

A: No worries, Hillary – it sounds like your son is experiencing a very normal growth spurt! All you need to do is feed him on demand. Your body will respond by making more milk – it’s a perfect “supply-and-demand” system! After a few days, your supply will increase to meet his demand, and you will settle back into a longer spacing between feedings. For now, feed on demand and get lots of nutritious food and fluids yourself!

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