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Petri Dish Experiment Using Breast Milk

We were sent a very interesting article today, by Dr. Tim Lahn, that shows what happens when breast milk is introduced into a petri dish along with bacteria.  The start of the article reads…

“Breastfeeding has been shown to be a health boon for both babies and moms, improving everything from an infant’s immune system to a mother’s heart heath. But studies are one thing; photos of experiments posted for the world to see on Facebook are another. Seeing is believing, after all.

“This viral image, which shows droplets of breast milk placed inside bacteria-infested petri dishes, has mesmerized the internet about the potential benefits of breastfeeding:

“The image was posted by Vicky Greene, a first year biosciences student at South Devon College in Paignton, England, as part of a microbiology research project. It shows a collection of petri dishes that contain the bacteria M. luteus. The bacteria grows abundantly everywhere in the dishes except where there are white splotches in the middle. Those white splotches are, of course, droplets of breast milk, each from different breastfeeding stages.”

To see the full article click on this link …

More proof that breast feeding is the best choice for your baby!

Originally posted 2017-02-10 19:42:12.

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